Various Causes And Symptoms Of Heart Diseases

There are innumerable causes of heart diseases. A majority of heart diseases are caused due to hardening of the arteries. High levels of cholesterol are one of the main causes of hardening of the arteries. Cholesterol is basically formed because of an uncontrolled diet. An uncontrolled diet will cause of saturated as well as trans- fats. These fats that are formed then begin to block the path that the oxygen traverses to and fro from the heart. This is not good and since the oxygen cannot be pumped to and fro from the heart it will cause very severe problems.

Heart diseases are a very severe problem in many countries around the world. There has been such a sudden rise as the consumption of junk food has increased incredibly. It is very important to visit a cardiologist if you observe the symptoms given below. It doesn't mean that you have to have a heart disease if you have the symptoms but as they say precaution is always better than cure. The one symptom that is observed most is cramps while walking. Leg cramps occur as your body gets dehydrated. You should keep your body hydrated by continuously supplying your body with fluids.

The part of the leg which experiences cramp is just across the two joints. If you have a high cholesterol level then the arteries in your leg get blocked and thus your leg will not receive enough oxygen as is required. Another very frequent symptom experienced by heart patients is chest pain. This happens also because of high cholesterol as the heart does not receive enough oxygen. If this heart pain is experienced for a long time then it is most probably a symptom of a heart disease and a visit to the cardiologist should be round the corner.

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Another very important symptom that heart patients tend to experience is breathlessness. This happens for the same reason which is high cholesterol. Migraines and severe headaches are yet another sign of heart diseases. This is a very rare symptom of heart diseases but if it is very severe it could be a sign of a heart disease. Dizziness is another symptom exhibited by heart patients and the causes for dizziness could be anything from a low blood count to low iron in the blood stream to even dehydration. Palpitations are defined as the skip of a heart beat or even irregular heartbeats. Both these symptoms if experienced for an extended period of time could be a symptom of a heart disease.

Ignoring these symptoms could prove to be extremely fatal. It is statistically shown that every person passes out once in his/her life. But if you tend to lose consciousness on a regular basis then it could be a symptom of a heart disease. There are many more symptoms such as memory loss as well as change in the color and temperature of your skin. All these symptoms, if experienced should be addressed immediately as ignoring them will be fatal as heart disease in its latter stages is virtually incurable. It is also very important that heart patients change their diets considerably.